CHECK THIS OUT! SHOOTING RESULTS! Used by multiple top 25 (NCAA), NBA, & Professional teams.

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    The J-Series Shooting System ($49.99) is a must for any level of aspiring basketball player. It inclues the J-Glove, J-Strap, and Millennium Series Instructional Series DVD. The sytem is currently be used (and testimonials) from high profile programs such as Arizona, Louisville, Stanford, Memphis, Boston College, Florida, Miami, LSU, as well as NBA teams and players from the Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, and San Antonio Spurs. The link for the package sale ($20 off) is below.

    The J-Glove shooting aid prevents finger flexion at the base of your finger joints. As a result, the design eliminates premature side-to-side wrist action during follow through, which is a major biomechanical flaw for the majority of amateur shooters. The design design also prevents the ball from every resting on the palm during shot set up, assuring the ball is perfectly balanced, but more importantly your wrist will be in full flexion to increase range. NOTHING ON THE MARKET CAN SET UP YOUR SHOT AND FINISH YOUR SHOT, MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!!

    The J-Strap is for the off-hand, preventing thumbing the basketball, or completely does not allow a player to shoot with two hands. It is a one-size fits all product that works in minutes.

    The Inventor of the J-Series System is Jeremy Russotti. Coach Russotti is widely considered one of the top skill development trainers in the world today. Currently, he has founded one of the top 5 Prep Schools in the country, Prolific Prep, mentoriing and training the #1 player in the country Josh Jackson. Results do not lie!!!

    Other products Russotti invented are V-Bands (Velocity Bands) for Ball-Handling, and his Volume 1 and Volume 2 Millennium Series Ball-Handling Instructional DVDs. His Overload Wrist Weight Training sets are not doubt the fastest and easiest way to develop handles and control. Guaranteed results in 2-3 weeks with proper usage. Visit for video commercials for all sports.

    For further Strength and conditioning, check out Russotti’s O-Bands (Overload Bands). They are the strongest bands on the market for linear, lateral, and vertical strength training. Mixed with Russotti’s Millennium Series DVDs (shows you how to use V-Bands and O-Bands with training), you will create a very functional basketball athlete. Visit for video commercials for all sports. Those wanting to bundle all of the products into one super package, visit our “Elite Training Package” link below.

    A great article below about a rags to riches story regarding Jeremy's training, theories, and his products.

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