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    Prolific Prep
    ("PP") is entering into its 3rd year of existence. In just two years, PP has solidified itself as one of the top Prep Academy’s in the USA and now abroad. Most recently, Prolific Prep was featured in Sports Illustrated (July 27th issue), as well as featured by ESPN. PP is now accepting enrollment for available spots for its 2016-2017 season. It is also lining up for its 2017-2018 season as well. The costs start from $22k per season (All Inclusive).

    Prolific Prep has 4 teams currently:

    Prolific Prep Men’s High School (California) Possibly one spot depending on returning players decision.

    Prolific Prep Men’s North High School (Canada) 2 Spots Available

    Prolific Prep Men’s Post Grad 5th year (Canada) 2 Spots Available

    Prolific Prep Women’s North High School (Canada) 4 Spots Available

    Prolific Prep North is located at Sault Ste. Marie. The city is located at tip of the State of Michigan, just inside the Canadian border. All teams are part of the GRIND SESSIONS EVENTS, which is considered the top events in the USA. They also are part of local leagues in their areas as well. PP North has a full boarding facility, food service, transportation, etc. All PP Academies include top coaching staffs, trainers, facilities, etc. To visit the PP North School, please click the brochure below.

    To visit our website, visit

    Also, we can be reached at for serious inquiries. Please include bio (including GPA), location, AAU Affiliation, Ranking, scholarship offers (if any), etc.

    Thank you

    Prolific Prep

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